Software for crypto exchangers

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Software for crypto exchangers

Now Blockchain-technologies provide the opportunities to transfer almost all that people own into tokens, turning it into digital assets. Items that were previously considered illiquid are now tradable. All currencies and means, including securities, metals, etc., can be tokenized. Thus, concept of virtual assets covers many different components, changing the interaction of people with monetary units, trade and investments. Software for crypto exchangers is designed for buying and selling digital means such as crypto-currencies, security tokens, etc. These systems have liquidity and possess a set of instruments that make the exchange process more convenient.

White Label software is a ready soft solution being designed, tested and ready for deployment. Using it, businesspersons need to select settings and start your personal virtual asset exchanges commercials. These platforms are protected, quick to deploy, and cost effective, making it simpler than establishing commercials from the beginning.

Main advantages of White-Label crypto exchange software

  1. Modular, highly scalable system.
  2. Easy setup process.
  3. Profitability and efficiency of deployment.
  4. Minimum maintenance costs.
  5. Enhanced multi-level protection.
  6. Work with liquidity providers and sellers.
  7. Compliance with mandatory rules of sphere.

Crypto trading platform set up

Starting crypto-currency exchange commercials is quite a difficult process, as it demands serious technical background in the architecture of the solution, compliance with standards, forecasting requirements in the field, etc. It also requires a large expense of time and money. Founding cryptocurrency exchange software from very beginning can take about 9 months, and it will cost at least 300 thousand dollars. Thereโ€™s also additional expenses for improvements, launching, etc.

White Label is ready-for-exploitation and proven mechanisms being easy to set up and suits all needs. Choosing a ready-made virtual means exchange soft with a clean reputation is a big time and money saver compared to building a platform from the very beginning.

Taking into account current trends in finance, White-Label is a flexible and liquid solution enabling companies to improve their business quickly and correctly.

This platform helps fintechs target business and customer growth while expanding and leveraging the latest technology at work.

  • Modular architecture

White Label cryptocurrency exchange software uses a modular architecture based on microservices: it makes it possible to constantly introduce new workflows, functions and integrations, as a result of which companies improve and grow.

  • Enterprise server platform

The platform, created on the basis of the banking system, helps to qualitatively support all aspects of virtual asset trading and develop the top innovative FinTech products.

  • Cryptowallets

It supports fiat money and crypto-currencies being easily converted to regular monetary means for quick purchases. The wallet has NFC support, QR codes and biometric authorization for performing payments.

  • Depository decision

Users are provided with high-leveled protection for all digital means and keys, to choose from, depending on the needs of clients.

  • Crypto-currency payments

With this soft, you can enter cryptopayment developments associated with white-listed debit cards, Internet payments, POS mechanisms, etc.

  • Excellent security

White-label cryptoexchange soft has strong security – data code, 2FA, storages, biometric login, multi-signature wallets, access control, activity logging, etc.

We could help to choose and launch quality crypto exchange software, servers, mobile and web solutions for financial companies from any country operating for many years. Our specialists have vast expertise in assisting clients with selection of suitable software for crypto-currencies exchanges and payments.

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