Corporate services in Lithuania

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Corporate services in Lithuania

Starting a commercial project in Lithuania is a responsible step for everyone who plans to create their own and prosperous business in the future. It is no secret that establishing your own business in any jurisdiction is one of the most difficult initial stages, requiring a lot of effort and patience. In order to easily and quickly deal with all the problems that have arisen establishing your own enterprise, we offer our help. Since our team provides all the services necessary for the establishment of an enterprise, cooperating with us will start your business not only successfully, but also save your precious time and money. This is also an equally important point, since not everyone has a large amount of money when starting a business.

Often, those who decide to start a business activity have problems related to the study of local laws, it takes a lot of time to find out legal provisions regulating corporate law. Therefore, acting together with the help of experienced and qualified professionals, you will establish your enterprise much faster, using the slightest investment of time.

Corporate services in Lithuania

Lithuania is a stable and steadily developing Baltic state, quickly overcoming crisis moments. You can get a residence permit in the state if you open a commercial project there or buy an already operating firm.

Mostly, foreign investors require comprehensive legal services, as well as professional advice and assistance from an experienced tax lawyer. In some cases, the competent support of an immigration lawyer is also required. Our experts offer a huge amount of legal services. Particularly, we work in the following areas: foundation, expansion and management processes of any firm in Lithuania, as well as immigration services. The category of the latter includes services for the preparation and collection of all necessary documents for getting or extending a residence permission on basis of established company in order to live and move without restrictions within the Schengen zone, etc.

Directions of our legal assistance within the corporate framework

  1. Operations for the sale, purchase and merger of firms. In this direction, our assistance also includes forms of contacts drafting in Lithuania and agreements preparation in Lithuania.
  2. Selection of appropriate names for commercial projects, incl, company’s name change.
  3. Accounting and auditing services. Our specialists conduct the necessary voluntary audit of the reporting of enterprises or corporations in accordance with accepted norms and standards. We are also ready to help clients with other types of due diligence.
  4. Opening bank accounts in Lithuania.
  5. Legal opinion in Lithuania.
  6. Work with tax planning. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified tax lawyers who offer tax advice to clients in accordance with the goals of the consumers themselves. We work with small and large businesses. Our tax team has vast experience in handling even the most complex situations faced by clients. We analyze the existing organization of the company’s tax payment system and offer comprehensive advice. Our specialists also offer expert assistance in tax optimization, forming of AML policy, transaction structuring, corporate restructuring, real estate contracts and cross-border transactions.
  7. Preparation of relevant documentation for sending to various authorities. Here we also provide apostille, corporate documents translation, documents notarization, English translation and obtaining the necessary certificates, license permits.
  8. Proceedings. Formation of claims, complaints, Refund Policy and other documents of a similar legal nature.
  9. Preparation of internal and corporate documents. We give comprehensive professional advice on matters relating to corporate law, the choice of organizational form for the enterprise, the establishment of a subsidiary or representative office, and general advice on corporate aspects. We are also ready to help in the area of ​​corporate restructuring. Our specialists will give you expert assistance in creating an online company, web-site policies creation, drafting labor regulations, instructions for officials, Terms and Conditions of use, Privacy Policy, employment contracts, orders, agreements regarding the division of financial responsibility, share capital change, and so on.
  10. Working with personnel, particularly, verification of workers’ proficiency level, director change services, etc.
  11. Drafting and negotiation of contracts. Our experts are present as an accompanying party to negotiations, review and draft relevant documents, and advise on commercial contracts of any type, in particular, agreements for the purchase or sale of goods, supplies, contracts for the transfer of property, licensing and franchising agreements, etc.
  12. Collection of debts. We conduct a prompt assessment of the situation and prepare a correct and competent action plan for debt collection.
  13. Migration. Our immigration department offers assistance in obtaining and renewing an official permit to operate in Lithuania. In addition, we also provide professional assistance in migration registration, invitations and employment of foreigners.
  14. Business visa. Visas of this type in Lithuania are quite popular among those entrepreneurs who want to do commercials in Baltic States. We provide our clients with assistance in getting a Schengen business. Our specialists treat this process with full responsibility and scrupulousness, therefore, this process will not take much time. We help you get a visa with minimal restrictions. We take responsibility for the preparation and collection of all documents necessary for this.

Foreign companies often face difficulties in establishing a commercial presence in foreign markets. Difficulties arise when establishing business contacts, finding reliable partners and organizing and maintaining mutually beneficial cooperation. Work in each European country has its own nuances and peculiarities. Therefore, for your convenience, we have developed assistance services for companies opened by non-residents of Lithuania. You do not have to look for third-party consultants and different service providers.

We carefully monitor the quality of corporate services provided by our employees. Over the years of work, we have created effective models and algorithms that allow us to track the effectiveness of work at all stages and maintain a high level of professionalism and loyalty.

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