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A long time ago, before SaaS existed, people intended to look for disks and floppy disks with programs. In especially difficult cases, it was necessary to invite developers to create special programs. If hardware breaks down, then users will lose all the data. But a few years ago, the SaaS boom hit, and these times are gone.

Software as a Service in Lithuania

SaaS is a software model in which a provider develops, maintains, auto-updates, and makes cloud-based SW available, and makes such software available to customers through the net for a fee. Itโ€™s most often a cloud solution, i.e. located on servers on the Internet. The user accesses the service via a browser or API. At the same time, services providers are fully responsible for its support.

Simply put, the SaaS model is when the client works with a ready-made solution online. Pays for access and gets the finished instrument as quickly as possible.

Benefits of SaaS solutions in Lithuania

For several years now, software distributors have been convincing IT professionals and commercial leaders about the benefits of cloud computing in its various forms. Part of the argument for accountants and business analysts is based on the improved ratio of operating expenses (OpEx) to capital expenditures (CapEx). Other arguments aimed at the IT community comprise scalability, on-demand access, and internal control putting the talents and skills of the IT department more efficiently to solve more important problems.

WL SaaS was originally created to provide a basic set of commercial benefits (versus on-premise apps).

  1. Low start-up costs.
  2. Eliminate the need for additional hardware and middleware.
  3. The ability to detect and correct errors before updating the master data.
  4. Projected operating costs.
  5. Eliminate unexpected costs for managing, installing patches and updates for hardware and software.
  6. Converting capital expenditures to operating expenses.
  7. Reduce risk by outsourcing security maintenance to experts.
  8. Rapid placement.
  9. Commissioning in hours instead of months.
  10. Instant accessibility of latest innovations.
  11. Automatized patching.
  12. Flexible scalability.
  13. Instantaneously scale to keep pace with growing data and transactions.
  14. Reduce disruptions and meet service level requirements.

There is a lot of common sense in both parts of the argument. However, few people explain to senior executives cloud apps, which are provided through SaaS by subscription, arenโ€™t only beneficial for commercials, but allow the company to keep up with modern technologies – and this is exactly what CEOs require from their IT specialists.

The concept of SaaS is not new. In fact, web apps offered to us by ASPs were sort of the forerunners of cloud computing as we know it today. Todayโ€™s White Label SaaS in Lithuania suites are built with these changes in mind and help businesses keep up with the times by driving innovation, maximizing customer experience, and making smarter business decisions with built-in analytics and a holistic view of commercial activities across enterprises.

In digital age, innovation is critical and commercial projects seeking for take advantage of the latest technological advances. A SaaS solution built for the cloud accelerates the innovation cycle by providing access to latest possibilities, mechanisms and apps. When using on-premises software moved to cloud, innovation is not immediately accessible, as it takes great time to develop innovative features for on-premises solutions and apps.

Commercial structures have a need for SaaS solutions that support processes such as procure-to-pay or order-to-cash while being cost effective and easy to manage. To implement the concept, providers developed a set of SaaS solutions based on one standardized platform that contains a common enterprise data model, as well as a single interface (including mobile and social platforms), consistency of security levels, synchronization of release schedules, and much more.

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