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Who we are

We are a law firm with a modern approach applied to everything we do. We aim to help our clients with all they need to move forward and develop.Our goal is to create partnership with our clients, which would lead to mutual success. We believe in successful partnerships where each party brings their own expertise to create a complete value chain.

We provide the full scope of local and global business legal services to our clients, from their everyday legal matters to their most complex projects. This involves advising on them on their commercial, corporate matters, data, electronic money and blockchain, licensing and regulation issues.

Among our clients are banks, financial institutions, capital funds looking to compliance with applicable law and regulations, emerging growth companies, looking for tax planning and innovative start-ups dealing with new technologies like blockchain.

How we founded our company to such a scale

ELI Lithuania has specialists with broad experience , we put our regulatory knowledge and investment sector expertise to good use, offering a plethora of expert solutions that are comprehensive, useful, and always workable.

ELI Lithuania was working as a dedicated consulting company for a decade. ELI Lithuania has an experienced team of lawyers in Lithuania specialized in corporate legal services for local and foreign investors. Our team of Lithuanian lawyers offers a wide range of legal services for entrepreneurs interested in doing business in this country.

Practice area

Crowdfunding program in Lithuania

In the dynamic landscape of modern finance, Lithuania has emerged as a promising hub for innovative fundraising ways. Crowdfunding, an avenue that has gained considerable traction in recent years, is transforming the way enterprises and individuals access capital. This article explores the burgeoning world of crowd-funding platforms in the country, shedding light on the processes,…

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AML authority favors in Lithuania

Money laundering poses a considerable threat to the global economic system, and governments worldwide are taking proactive measures to combat this menace. Lithuania, as a European Union (EU) member state, is no exception. The country has bolstered its anti-money laundering endeavors in recent years, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to maintain economic…

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Trademark Registration in Lithuania

This is an essential step in defending your brand’s identity and ensuring that you have the complete right to use your mark in commerce within the country. It’s recommended to consult with a brand attorney or lawful expert to guide the enrollment process successfully and to assure your educated possessions liberties are adequately protected. Lithuanian…

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Bank accounts for crypto exchanges

When operate a digital currency or blockchain, you are likely aware that establishing the necessary infrastructure for your company, including legal entities, banking services, payment solutions, and licenses, is not as straightforward as it is for traditional e-commerce businesses. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind this complexity and explore the available options…

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Liquidity for crypto exchanges

Liquidity implies sale of means in a short time at a favorable cost. Faster it’s to sell, more liquid product is. In crypto-currency community, coins having high crypto-liquidity are readily exchanged for fiat money or other cryptoassets. Liquidity meaning in crypto may be explained as follows. For this category, there is always a high demand…

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Brokerage license in Lithuania

Lithuania, often referred to as the “Baltic Tiger” for its vibrant and progressive economy, has become an attractive destination for individuals and entities looking to venture into the monetary options industry. One of the crucial steps on this journey is getting a financial brokerage license in Lithuania. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the…

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Software for crypto exchangers

Now Blockchain-technologies provide the opportunities to transfer almost all that people own into tokens, turning it into digital assets. Items that were previously considered illiquid are now tradable. All currencies and means, including securities, metals, etc., can be tokenized. Thus, concept of virtual assets covers many different components, changing the interaction of people with monetary…

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Licensing of a Crowdfunding Platform Operator

Crowdfunding is a specific funding instrument for startups: it allows investors to receive a stake in a startup, provide loans to them concluding specific contracts, and issue securities and tokens. Crowdfunding service provider’s license in Lithuania gives opportunities to fund enterprises through special crowd-funding platforms implementing certain next-mentioned tools: loan contracts; ebt obligations issuance; securities…

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Lithuanian trademark registration

Trademarks are one of characteristics ensuring uniqueness and security of goods this or that enterprise produces, supplies and promotes. To protect a mark in operation country, it needs to be approved by appropriate intellectual ownership authority of jurisdiction. Trademark registration in Lithuania proves credibility of a commercial project enabling businesses to resolve disputes quickly and…

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NFT Marketplace Software in Lithuania

NFTs are blockchain-based cryptotokens considered to be unique assets. They can exist in the real and in digital forms. NFTs allow holders to prove not only their authenticity, but also the origin of the underlying asset. Together with them, the concept of scarcity came into world of virtual means. By creating NFT tokens in Lithuania…

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Crypto license in Lithuania

Lithuania, a forward-thinking European nation, has emerged as a favorable destination for digital-currency enthusiasts and business-companies seeking to work within a regulated framework. This article delves into the nuances of acquiring a Cryptocurrency Licence in Lithuania and sheds light on the country’s progressive approach to virtual money. Types of Lithuania crypto license For entities interested…

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SEMI license in Lithuania

With its Fintech-favorable approach, transparent legal system, and steady political regime, Lithuania has obtained the status of a new Fintech hub in the EU. It provides strong organizational active encouragement in form of policies, regulations, and monetary and non-monetary help to financial businesses in their initial year in the market. At the same time, the…

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EMI license in Lithuania

Introduction In the expanding field of European e-money finances, region has risen as a vibrant and pivotal center, particularly for entities searching to acquire an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. The country’s well-defined regulatory pattern within the EEA has drawn the attention of commerce searching to propel their rise in the fintech arena. Regional EMI…

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Alternative investment fund in Lithuania

It’s a collective investment funding structure. This organization holds monetary means of specific investors and directs the collected capital in accordance with predetermined strategies. Functioning of alternative investment fund in Lithuania is accompanied by a definite procedure and norms, as well as offers a number of profits and prospects. Requirements for investment management companies registered…

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PI&SPI license in Lithuania

In line with Lithuanian law, entities that deliver services with payments are enforced to acquire special permission: a PI and a Small PI license in Lithuania. Read on to find out the main features of each type of them. PI in Lithuania As for now, 36 Lithuanian PIs are eligible to offer more than just…

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Information System of Legal Entities Participants in Lithuania

Lithuania’s accession to the EU in 2004 gave advantages for commercials not only in this state, but also in other EU member states and the Commonwealth of Independent States, thus providing an opportunity for the development of economic relations. Establishment of Lithuanian organization is carried out by Company Register of Lithuania. Registration of Lithuanian companies…

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Taxes in Lithuania

Lithuanian companies, as a rule, are used for trading in Europe, as well as for international cargo transportation. Their popularity is associated with low costs for accounting and administration, low taxes and convenient geographical location. Lithuania’s well-developed infrastructure and its strategically advantageous location enable ever-growing links between EU and CIS states. Two international transport corridors…

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Corporate services in Lithuania

Starting a commercial project in Lithuania is a responsible step for everyone who plans to create their own and prosperous business in the future. It is no secret that establishing your own business in any jurisdiction is one of the most difficult initial stages, requiring a lot of effort and patience. In order to easily…

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Safeguard account for EMI and PI

Safeguarding accounts in Lithuania is designed for payment establishments being able to deposit clients’ monetary means. Its key option is to separate clients’ assets from other firm’s ones, as well as to prevent third parties from accessing them. Officially determined rules require EMIs and PIs to secure their clients’ assets obtained in course of offering…

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Segregated account for Forex brokers

Segregated account in Lithuania is designed to give private businesspersons possibilities to hold their assets separate from company’s money. It helps to eliminate the possibility of using fraudulent schemes with a person’s finances: he/she can track their movements on transactions and receive complete data about all operations made. How to protect investments Consumers have not…

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Accounting services for cryptocompanies in Lithuania

Over the past few years, the world of crypto-currency has shown a rapid start and has become literally a cannon shot. From a niche market to becoming a household name, it has come a long way. In fact, this fast growing industry will continue to grow at a rapid pace for the foreseeable future. To…

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Software as a Service

A long time ago, before SaaS existed, people intended to look for disks and floppy disks with programs. In especially difficult cases, it was necessary to invite developers to create special programs. If hardware breaks down, then users will lose all the data. But a few years ago, the SaaS boom hit, and these times…

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Software and Banking as a Service

BaaS in Lithuania or Bank as a Service is a turnkey fintech solution from a single vendor. You don’t have to take any extra steps at all: apply for a license, look for partners (for example, banks or Forex), acquirers, issuers, you don’t need to create a giant IT department or a compliance department. In…

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Credit cards as a service

As a purchaser, you may have taken notice that many non-financial companies have launched the issuance of their debit or credit cards. Brands like Manchester United, Apple, and Uber now offer their clients their branded cards. If you have tried any of these services, you’ve probably taken advantage of the appearance of card-as-a-service (CCaaS) offerings….

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MetaTrader White Label

Companies offering Forex services can enjoy high profits. The opportune moment may have come for you to establish your own broker business if you’ve previously operated as a broker or a foreign exchange trader. But if you do it without help from anyone else, starting a Forex brokerage firm from zero can be challenging, expansive,…

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Obtaining VAT number in Lithuania

VAT is a widely used form of taxation in various countries that is added during the production and distribution of the value of a product or service. The amount of tax received by the manufacturer (seller) is paid to the budget, but minus the tax included in prices of goods purchased by him/her earlier. European…

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Merchant account for the Lithuanian company

A merchant account in Lithuania is an account for a commercial organization that makes it possible to take client payments with cards, such as MasterCard, as well as transactions from client accounts made online. Its core benefit is the acceptance of money round-the-clock from any place in the world. These accounts often come with many…

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Registering beneficiaries in Lithuania

The Lithuanian law lays down a requirement for all companies operating in Lithuania, including collective investment firms, to collect, keep updated and store relevant data on their beneficial owners – their name, address, nationality, etc. For this purpose, following two years of delay, the Lithuanian business register finally launched a newly established subsystem dubbed JANGIS. This…

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Company registration in Lithuania

Lithuania, a Baltic nation nestled within the European Union, has been making waves in recent years as a prime destination for enterprise and investment. With its strategic location, skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, it’s no wonder that many international entrepreneurs are considering company registration in Lithuania. If you’re one of them,…

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Ready-made company in Lithuania

It is considered that obtaining shelf company is the best way to commence business in Lithuania. The proxy directs the process and it is unnecessary to visit a state. Moreover, a foreign entrepreneur who is about to acquire a company doesn’t need to put seed capital (2500 euros). The incorporation process may be completed by…

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ICO support services in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country of choice for those who want to create and innovate in the cryptocurrency space due to its efforts to form regulations working with the crypto community to boost its development. Although the EU sets regulations expected to get more stringent, Lithuania seems to try to facilitate how they affect an initial…

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Accounting services in Lithuania

Accountancy is an unavoidable term in the execution of activities of a Lithuania-based business, the primary goal of which is to keep track of the history of an organization’s operations and receive a summary of the monetary performance. Under Lithuanian law, all businesses must report on their financial affairs. For this purpose, it is obligatory…

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Gambling license in Lithuania

Introduction Lithuania, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, has also become an attractive place for commerces seeking to obtain a gambling permit. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover all aspects of receiving a gaming permission, involving the requirements, categories of allowances, advantages, the appeal procedure, services offered, taxation, and…

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High-Risk Merchant Account for Startups

It’s imperative for commercial projects to possess payment processing tools and merchant accounts; using them clients may transfer payments. Procedure for connecting trading accounts largely depends on their type and purpose of its use. Connecting high-risk merchant accounts may be quite a challenge, as this account is required by firms whose activities are connected to…

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Bank account opening in Lithuania

Today, issue of accounts’ getting in any European space is quite complicated. There is no need to talk about the importance of having commercial banking account, every businessman knows it. Now Lithuania offers a unique opportunity for commercial projects to create a coveted bank account without any problems. Benefits of bank account opening in Lithuania:…

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During more than 15 years of intensive work on the market of legal services we examined thoroughly many modern business areas including Informational Technologies (ICO-projects, Blockchain technologies, traffic arbitrage, software development), financial services (Forex, payment systems) and foreign economic activity.

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By contacting ELI Lithuania you receive full advice and you may order a range of related services for incorporation of your business.

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There are only a few typical (basic) tasks, it is more often that every new client is a new unique task where additional services may be required among a standard range.

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