Lithuanian trademark registration

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Lithuanian trademark registration

Trademarks are one of characteristics ensuring uniqueness and security of goods this or that enterprise produces, supplies and promotes. To protect a mark in operation country, it needs to be approved by appropriate intellectual ownership authority of jurisdiction. Trademark registration in Lithuania proves credibility of a commercial project enabling businesses to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Register your TM in Lithuania: norms and restrictions

Since competition among manufacturers of goods is getting higher in the market, consumers are becoming more demanding on goods. Therefore, enterprises have to ensure the product is not only “useful”, but externally looks presentable and differs from competitors’ products. Lithuanian Trademark Law forbids usage of next-mentioned designations.

  1. Signs contrast with moral fundamentals or public norms.
  2. General words or concepts.
  3. Signs containing internationally-worked corporations or country/state/region flags or symbolic.
  4. Signs devoid of distinguishing qualities.
  5. Signs containing the given names and/or surnames of well-known persons.

One more feature of Lithuanian trademark certification is experts of the local authority for control and supervision conduct an examination of marks only in relation to strict requirements. There isn’t verification of senior rights to identical marks. Marks’ owners need to constantly monitor the publication of new registrations in order not to miss the opportunity to file a protest in 3 months after publication.

Main purpose of issuing patents for inventions (utility model patent) is that any person who has developed, improved a product and/or method of using it, in exchange for disclosing data about this to office that issues patents, can get exceptional rights for a certain time.

Application for registration of your Trademark in Lithuania includes next-mentioned:

  • visual or in-words designation;
  • what language it’s designed in;
  • attach image in jpg format;
  • indicate goods categories;
  • contact details about trademarks’ proprietors.

How a request for trademark registration process in Lithuania becomes a real designation?

Stage 1. Preparatory review: during it, company’s chances of certification of selected trademarks are confirmed. Examiners check submitted forms in terms of its formality, exactness, classification, informativeness and distinctive features.

Stage 2. Preparing and submitting. All mandatory documents need to be prepared and sent to the Lithuanian Patent Body.

Stage 3. Expertise. The Lithuanian Patent Authority examines your application.

There’s also such a stage as a search. The search is carried out by the EUIPO after specific form is assigned. This procedure is obligatory to reveal existing trademarks being able to further interfere with the claimed designation.

Executives receive Trademark Certificates if local authority provides an affirmative decision. Customs authorities may be notified of registered marks, and thus border control puts pressure on counterfeit goods to point of destroying confiscated products. Trademarks’ owners can exercise their rights by removing infringing trademarks from informal distributors, merchants, etc., from advertisements, documentation and production.

If you seek Lithuania trademark services, pay attention to the support we offer. Our experts give comprehensive professional assistance in trademarks’ certification, ensuring proper and successful implementation of whole process and paying close attention to each of its stages. We will help businesspersons create unique marks for your products, develop them in accordance with norms of Lithuanian legal framework, and register your commercial mark.

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