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Companies offering Forex services can enjoy high profits. The opportune moment may have come for you to establish your own broker business if you’ve previously operated as a broker or a foreign exchange trader. But if you do it without help from anyone else, starting a Forex brokerage firm from zero can be challenging, expansive, and taking considerable time. For this purpose, MT4 or White label MetaTrader is a perfect option for businesspersons willing to launch their business as soon as possible.

 What is White Label (WL)?

Generally, white label is a marketing notion that appertains to a rebranded good or service. Put another way, white label relates to buying a good from one commercial organization and re-labeling it as the offering of another. By applying usable software that just needs to be customized, businesspersons can build a brand grounded on already operational technology, while taking into consideration all the recent innovations on the market.

When it comes to Forex broker WL, this is a good fit for those who do not possess much expertise or have insufficient understanding in establishing such a business.

 White Label in foreign exchange

WL Forex is an option for arranging partnerships with a well-regarded Forex developer that gives you an opportunity to get ready-to-operate software and management programs. Therefore, you can set up your Forex or multi-asset business with the FX WL at once.

 What is WL MT4?

MetaTrader 4 (shortly put, MT4) WL services facilitate launching a Forex company or a Multi-Asset firm as fast as possible. WL solution rules out the necessity of acquiring an expansive MT platform from MetaQuotes alongside other services such as applying an infrastructure delivery model that provides IT users with remote access to server resources (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.), setting up and maintenance of backup systems, build-up of comprehensive networks of servers, and uninterrupted server maintenance. These all features and even more are typically encompassed in a WL MT4 package.

 Why choose MT4?

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most in-demand platforms dealing in currencies: over 30% of brokers and over 50% of traders worldwide run their operations here. Besides its steadiness and simplicity in usage, it provides advanced features, fast implementation, a large selection of research, low costs, and a robust mobile app for trading on the go. It is a suitable tool for buying and selling different assets, conducting indicator-based technical analysis, systems testing, etc. MT4 features 3 regimes of implementation and 8 types of orders (2 market types, 2 stop orders, and 4 more pending ones). It enables users to leverage their favorite indicators and charting tools, allowing for the conduct of a profound analysis of rate fluctuation. Interactive charts, 23 analytical objects, and other inbuilt tools greatly assist traders to fix the smallest change in a price to make a timely decision.

The core pros of the MT4 are the following:

  • High-level security for transactions;
  • Various trading intervals;
  • Different implementation ways — Instant Execution and Market Execution;
  • A possibility to design and test your indicators;
  • Online charts;
  • Many news feeds from several portals;
  • The overall amount of trading tools to leverage is over 100;
  • Availability for PCs and mobile devices (Android or iOS);
  • The possibility of blocking different positions and managing several accounts;
  • Straightforwardness in usage.

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