Lithuanian diversity in business and other spheres

March 16, 2023
Lithuanian diversity in business and other spheres

Creating your own commercials consists of several main stages: finding and formulating an idea, choosing the legal form of a legal entity, drawing up a business plan, finding sources of funding, obtaining permits and licenses. Lithuania offers not only stability and sustainability in progress of jurisdiction itself, but a variety of commercial environments. It enables entrepreneurs to explore and conquer a large number of commercial destinations. Thus, opening a business in Lithuania is the way to a variety of commercial ideas, intertwined with scientific projects and educational programs.

Lithuania is suitable for those who want to enter a new stage of business development, as well as obtain a residence permit or citizenship in one of most stable and environmentally-friendly countries in EU. Lithuania quickly moved to a stable market economy. It was because of the active commercial support policy pursued by the government of the country.

Attracting foreign-capital became one of the top priority strategic goals of the state. At the same time, Lithuanian government focuses on creating new positions with involvement of local specialists.

Diversity and variety of commercial space in Lithuania

Every year Lithuania becomes a more and more comfortable place for organizing business. The country has a stable market model of the economy, which has a positive effect on progress of entrepreneurial activity. Also in Lithuania, attractive conditions have been created for starting and developing a business. Country is growing steadily and confidently, adopting positive experience from market leaders.

At the moment, very promising areas in Lithuania are:

  • cargo transportation;
  • construction firms (incl. both firms for construction of buildings and for internal work in a finished building);
  • tourism enterprises;
  • hotel businesses;

Lithuania is of top-range in training of qualified IT-specialists, and is a leader in the biotechnologies development, so cooperation with this country is more promising.

Lithuania is located near the center of Europe, therefore it is considered the most convenient place to open a transport company and transport goods. Convenient location and low prices relative to other European countries contribute to the transfer of business or the opening of representative offices of many Western companies. That is why Vilnius has become a business center for most European countries. Demand for real estate (both residential and commercial) is growing every year. In addition, Lithuania continues its path towards energy saving, and therefore efficient technologies, high-quality heat-insulating building materials and systems, as well as repair services are in great demand.

Business in Europe will help you become the master of your life and bring pleasure from your stay in Europe. There’re great possibilities to invest in the construction business, renovate buildings, participate in competitions, and it’ll greatly grow demand for real estate, country’s economical field and level of living.

Lithuania pays a lot of attention to small and medium-sized enterprises. Here are most appealing conditions for doing business, not only because of the country’s location in the center of Europe, but because of low prices for services, accommodation, and there is always the opportunity to innovate.

Lithuania’s innovative capabilities lie in its ability to prepare potentially good ideas for the market. But it often happens that there is no one to present these ideas in an understandable language for the investor and bring them to implementation, so the experience and new business ideas of foreigners promote implementation of innovative ideas and quick profits.

Benefits of establishing a commercial project in Lithuania

Opening Lithuanian enterprise has a number of the following advantages, including:

  • relatively low staffing costs;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • income tax 15% (for small firms up to 10 people and a turnover of 300,000 euros – 5%);
  • the possibility of entering the global EU market;
  • possibility of VAT refund;
  • the minimum number of tax audits;
  • fast Internet and developed IT in all areas;
  • the world’s fastest public Wi-Fi and the fastest broadband connection.

Thanks to the latter advantage, Lithuania is top-range in Europe in use of public online services, which’s why 99% of entrepreneurs use this service in their deals. Providing such a variety of commercial destinations along with benefits, Lithuania is becoming an increasingly popular hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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